Amelia C

Jane SurgenorJane came into our lives with the arrival of our second baby, Susannah who was born only 14 months after her (little!) big brother Hugh. Before Susannah was born we realised that life with a teething toddler and a newborn was going to be quite a challenge and had lined up Jane to help us with some Post Natal care.

We really benefited from Jane's help over the course of a few weeks as she assisted us with the day to day realities of getting everyone fed, bathed, settled and sleeping. It might not sound like alot but the demands of an active toddler and a newborn were often incompatible and Jane's down-to-earth advice, willingness to roll up her sleeves and her capacity for taking initiative were welcome and much needed at our house.

Jane's arrival at our door each visit was always a breath of fresh air! With her loving, calm and relaxed nature we all felt at ease in her company and she received the dubious honour of being treated like part of the family in no time! We are particularly grateful to Jane for helping us navigate nap and sleep routines which were natural and fluid and suited our lifestyle more than strict unwavering 'regimes'. Being a parent herself, Jane has a natural ease with kids and babies and I had no reservations about handing over one or both of my littlies to her during visits, she always managed beautifully and they absolutely loved her attentions.

I'd recommend Jane to anyone who finds aspects of parenting a newborn baby challenging, even for second or third time parents: there is certainly no shame in getting some help when you need it! Jane helped keep us functional and relatively sane through an important but demanding time in our lives and we will always be grateful for that.


We used the services of Jane Adams as a mothercraft night nurse following the birth of our 3rd baby almost 2 years ago. She was always so lovely to deal with and we couldn't recommend her services highly enough. Having this type of support enables you to enjoy the special time in one's life without having extra pressure and sleep deprivation. Jane was there for us all the way and we will always be indebted to her for the special memories over this period. Jane is such a warm and caring person and our two other children really took to her too!


Jane SurgenorI would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Jane.

Jane's assistance in implementing a day management plan was invaluable. Her approach was consultative, whilst genuine in her care for providing a solution that fit the circumstances of our child's sleeping difficulties.

She addressed each of our concerns individually and simplicity and did her best to tailor a plan specific to our needs.

Our daughter Charlotte is now sleeping beautifully both day and night and we are enjoying the benefits of a happier healthier child.