As a first time Mum I really needed help & support with my baby girl Bo, especially with sleeping, or lack of ...


At first I just went with the flow as Bo would wake every 2-3 hrs through the night. I would go to her and comfort her until she went back to sleep, but as the months went on it was not getting any easier, and I was exhausted and emotionally drained.

I reached out to my mother's group, the early childhood centre and spoke to a few friends about 'controlled comforting' to teach Bo how to self settle. I tried really hard through the night, but I lacked confidence, and I was always concerned that something was wrong with her.

After 8 months of sleepless nights I contacted my mother's group again in desperate need of some sleep. There were a number of girls who highly recommended I contact Jane.

To be able to get an experienced nurse to your home, to give you the confidence & skills to teach your baby how to self settle is amazing and we can't thank Jane enough.

We are so proud of Bo, she responded so quickly to Jane's warm and motherly approach that by the fourth night she slept through the night!

Most importantly Jane gave us practical and simple techniques to help Bo self settle. She taught us that it's all about consistency and not changing the boundaries.

Bo is now 10 months old and we are one well rested family, with a happy energetic little girl, who blows us a kiss goodnight when we put her in her cot, and has a good 10 -11 hours sleep at night. Now that is amazing and all thanks to Jane.


Jane came to our home whilst it was in crisis.

Despite being our third baby, Eva, at 5 weeks would not settle in the evening. We would be up until about 11pm trying all our old tricks of feeding, rocking, patting, burping, swaddling, on the shoulder, on the tummy and then the slow careful placing of her into the cot ... only to have her wake 10 minutes later and have to do it all over again. The other two children got nothing from us in those hours and it was all out of balance.

Once some chatting was over Jane just took Eva into her hands and left me to give the other children some attention and to take myself off to sleep.

It was easy to see how confident she was with babies and I just left her to it. She gave us just one technique/routine to follow, not the bag of assorted tricks we had been trying, and over the next few weeks Eva got easier and easier to settle. It was not a magic trick that I could not replicate, it was just calm consistency. However, the magic was that Jane looked at chaos, saw a way to resolve it, and just got on and implemented it.

Within a few days we had a path to follow and Jane kept in touch to see how it improved. We do not have enormous amounts of money to get someone else to do it all for us, but this was money well spent to get us back on track, get a bit of our life back and to have enough perspective to implement change. Since then Jane has helped again when we just needed a bit of short term assistance to tackle some sleep management issues. Once again I have found her supportive, generous and quick to act when she heard we needed some help.


I employed the services of Jane Surgenor in 2008, for birth education and doula support.

Given her experience and recommendation from many mothers, we thought she would be the perfect person to help us achieve our goals for a natural child birth and support in the post natal period and Jane exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond what we were expecting.

The outcome was a beautiful experience!

Jane guided us through breastfeeding, sleep programming and everything that was required to create a happy, healthy home for our new baby girl. 

Jane empowered me as a woman and this enabled me to realise that I was capable of being a great mum and having a great life.

Words could never express the gratitude we have for Jane. Her level of experience, knowledge and skills were amazing.

We are planning another child in the future, with Jane by our side as support we know as a family unit it will be a blessing for another new addition.


Having met several mothercraft nurses, Jane was the obvious choice for us - knowledgable, but not pushy, and with an evident passion for her work (as well as vast experience and glowing references). Jane worked for us as a mothercraft nurse for 2-3 nights a week for 6 weeks following the birth of our first child and was invaluable in developing routines and assisting in settling. She was able to give me personal advice as I recovered from the birth, not to mention the opportunity to sleep! Jane was supportive in my decision to bottle feed and was the first person I encountered who helped me in the process.

Jane reinforced techniques we had been taught in hospital, such as wrapping, bathing and encouraging tummy time and gave us the confidence we needed to look after our baby long after she had left. She also implemented strategies for settling without feeding and stretching our baby between feeds. By 6 weeks we had a baby who woke once in the night for a feed and was able to be put down to sleep in her cot with only a dummy to soothe her. By 10 weeks she was sleeping from 10.30 until 7 and now at 6 months she sleeps through regularly.

Knowing Jane was about to arrive when the 'witching hour' began made the early days of motherhood much easier to cope with and the time I spent with our baby more enjoyable. Each time the routine changed I have asked Jane for advice, which she has been willing to share, despite no longer nursing for us. The moment I find out I'm pregnant with the next baby I'll be booking Jane in!


kathWhen I first met Jane, I was depressed.  My 6 month old girl, Charlie, was waking 3 or 4 times a night and I was settling her back down with breastfeeding. She was attached to the dummy and wrapped up like a mummy to sleep (but a Harry Houdini).  My 2 year old, Ben, had me up a couple of times at night wanting me to sleep with him and my husband was working long hours including on call during the nights.  I was so exhausted I couldn't think straight, wasn't eating properly and had zero self confidence.  I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then along came Jane, my saviour!  She had an instant rapport with my kids (very rare to see with Ben) and importantly with my husband and I.  She gently took charge and sent me to bed.  I was filled with hope and comfort, knowing she was going to help us.

Over the following weeks, Jane came two nights a week to give me a break and to sort out Charlie's sleeping patterns.  I was able to stop feeding her in the middle of the night, then away went the dummy and the swaddling.  Charlie wasn't happy at first, but I was stunned to see how quickly she took to the new routine, waking more happy than ever.  It was a joy to see Jane with her, giving her so much love and affection.

That was the job Jane was here to do, but on top of that she spent hours talking to me - listening to me unload, offering gentle advice, giving me lots of positive reinforcement and making sure I ate!  She gave me back my confidence, self esteem and SLEEP!

Jane would also speak to my husband, offering her words of wisdom.  Oh, how I needed someone other than me to do that!

 So THANKS Jane.  I really couldn't have done it without her.  We love her!