Home Visiting

Jane Surgenor Home VisitingAs parents of young babies and children, you are confronted with enormous conflicting advice in regard to settling your baby and the normal expectations of sleeping.

Crying is a normal part of development. Crying is a distress signal whilst at the same time relieves the baby of tension. It's physiological purpose is to attract attention to a need. However it sometimes develops an energy of its own and then needs to be managed and contained.

Persistent crying and sleep problems are common. The two most common problems parents contact me about are advice and assistance with excessive unsettled behaviour and sleep difficulties.

Absolutely everyone has an opinion about how you should handle sleep issues with your baby and child. The danger this imposes to a new parent is that these opinions of misguided advice can truly have a negative effect on your parenting skills.

My objective is to educate and empower parents to understand the psychology of sleep and the importance of a settled baby. I will empower you with the knowledge, tools and strategies you needed to implement normal and age relevant sleep patterns which in turn will induce harmonious balance.

My goal is to provide an individual plan of management suited to mother and baby's or child's needs and to work closely in achieving a successful, workable and realistic outcome.

Jane Surgenor

Jane's Philosophy

I believe each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring and stimulating environment, to enable them to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. But in our competitive society it is also important for mothers to receive a solid foundation for support and education. Supporting the mother will in turn instill confidence and, equally important, self discovery in her as she embarks on her new mothering role (when a baby is born, the mother is born).

It is my desire as an educator to provide consistent, supportive and nurturing care and advice and share my own passion for confident parenting. These essential elements will support women and promote effective and positive parenting. This can all be strengthened using the services and strategies I provide.

My thanks to my own children Cait and Niam, without whom I would know nothing about mothering, with whom I know the best of all there is to know.



Home Visiting Service

Jane provides an in home three hour consultation service, that will provide support and advice in all areas I will provide an extensive plan of management age relevant to your baby or child's needs. I will also provide ongoing telephone support the week following the Home Visit.

Home Night Service

This specialized service offers in-home night sleep guidance

This service will provide extensive support with disrupted night sleep. Identifying the exact problem causing the sleep disturbance and then implementing strategies to solve the problem offering trouble shooting with any challenges or concerns you may have.

I will design a Day Plan Of Management that will support and improve the night Sleeping and I will guide you through this in the comfort of your own home allowing the baby/child the familiarity of his/her own secure environment.

In the support of the Sleep Guidance i will then provide three follow up telephone calls within the first week following the Home Visit. This will assist and support you to maintain the consistent boundaries associated with Sleep Management.

Telephone and email Support

For those needing support and advice via phone or email this also is available at a scheduled time.

Please contact Jane.