About Jane


Jane has over 25 years of experience working with babies and their mothers. As a mothercraft nurse and doula, she studied both birth education and advanced breast feeding/lactation to further empower mothers in their new parenting role. Not only, Jane has over 16 years experience in neonatal intensive care placing her at the forefront of her profession.

Jane's passion is simply to care for new mums and babies and to support and educate these women as mothers. This led her to establishing a post natal home visiting service in the year 2000. This ongoing wonderful service educates mothers in breast and bottle feeding, how to settle their babies, reflux and multiple births, sleep management and how to handle those energetic toddlers! The home visiting service also enables Jane to help prepare mothers in the continuing changes to their lifestyle, roles and relationships.

Jane's professional experience has been so valuable to the community that in 2008, Karitane sought her assistance in setting up their own home visiting service, in which she continued to assist for a further sixteen months. And in 2010, she focussed her energy and passion into providing an educational programme for First Steps Confident Parenting.

Jane continues to provide a home visiting service to assist mothers and their babies in the comfort of their familiar home environment. She provides support and advice in all aspects of parent craft.

Contact Jane to assist in adapting a positive approach to any challenges you may be experiencing in your parental role. Jane will help you promote confident parenting for a positive and successful outcome.

The event of parenthood ...

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